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The Building

We used to let a floor in this building in the past, untill it came available to buy it.

Since then, we have been busy renovating the building till about Jan. 2007, when total renovation has finally been completed. On the whole, it took us about 9 years. It's one of the bigger buildings in the street we're at.

On the 2nd floor, Herman Brood, a famous artist, used to live for a while. This came apparent when all kind of wild colors showed up while renovating the building, and in the stories the previous old tennants told us.

The building is guarded with a CCTV system, and is equipped with the most modern locking and security systems.

It is completely renovated with fire-safe materials.

All floors are sound-isolated, and all glass is double glass.

The advantage of the building is that it's just behind a major street, the Ceintuurbaan. Being a street behind it, means no traffic or tram noices, so a lovely quiet room.

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